there will be
some regrets
when this
is all
there will arrive
a white-light epiphany
a new truth, owned
tho perhaps, merely remembered–
that there isn’t enough
time left
to fix all the people
we’ve broken
and that the damage done
has become irreparable
as our time remaining
melts over flat of the earth
as it slides, red and steaming
into hungry oceans
Charles was a liar
unless you understood him
unless you understood
or remembered–
what a regret might look like
if it were puking in your car
as you both screamed
hurtling through night’s black terror
the car swerving
as the bodies of the damned
lay slumped and bleeding
on the rough nylon
leaving a jesus-face stain
that won’t wash away
no matter how many nights
are spent scrubbing
by the belly-laugh flicker of moonlight
no, you wouldn’t know
unless you’d buried a few of your own
in the gray-mist shadows
of the wooded periphery
where the glowing eyes
always watch, waiting
only to learn
that they don’t ever die
that they shall survive us
stretching the limits of forever–
that regrets are the only immortals
the closest that most of us
will come
to knowing divinity


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6 thoughts on “immortals”

      1. I imploded on an epic scale…not literally, just on the WordPress front. Piecing it back together, along with my newly mended Apple. I’m terrifically wonderful thank you, busy writing like a Mad Hatter while recovering from ‘leg day,’ and eating half of the fridge in the process. How are you?

        1. Glad to hear all is mended, or now well-tended 🙂 I’m doing alright. Some days are heavy, and some are light. <– I’ve been typing rhymes for 2 days now. Lol. I think I need a shrink. I hope your day is beautiful, my friend.

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