Who will stay?

Who will stay
Until we are old, pale, and grayed, bodies fallen?

Who will stay
When we are broken, when we haven’t words
Knowing our silence, taking our hand as we are stilled by fear?

Who will stay
Through our whispering insanity
Finding forgiveness, though unfair, their crucifixion?

Who will stay
Cut by razor-tongue
Bleeding from confusion’s wounds, yet still drawing us near?

Who will stay
Through the rain’s gray pain
Until distant morning sun gifts us hope again?

Who will stay
When summer’s butterflies are gone
When perched love birds know only lonely songs?

Who will stay
Through the tumors, illness, through disease?

Who will stay
Longer than a warm, summer evening’s dream?

Who will stay
Who will prove themselves not a fantasy?

Some may look the sky
Their question, merely, why?
All I ask, tell me, please
Who will stay?

An older poem, tho timelessly relevant to me.

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13 thoughts on “Who will stay?”

    1. Didn’t I just do so? 🙂 I don’t think this is in any books tho. And yes, life is short. I’ve been writing about it for years. You might remember the phrase, ‘we haven’t much time.’

    1. Unfair, but it’s a trick question.. and a universal one. We never know for certain, until the end. It’s why I don’t use the word ‘forever’, except in juxtaposition, or in reference. Thank you for coming here 🙂

      1. And I was obviously well into the wine when I may that comment. It’s like I was trying to sound all existential or something

  1. This is beautiful, yet sad at the same time. I have seen both ends of the spectrum, and one is devoutly, beautifully sad while the other irresponsibly sad. One day I hope to find the devoted one. That is the most beautiful of all.

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