to go unnoticed

“To go unnoticed is by no means easy.” ~ Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guittari

A quote, a thought outside of its context, displaced, a dark shadow frozen within the transparent water-wall of our tilting ocean of individual perspective, becomes a wave that shall never fall, never laying its weighty truths upon us, staying upright, defiantly, as shoulder-strap tourists snap flash-photos of its petrified impossibility, grinning with fool’s confusion, this– a fleeting tryst with that which does not even exist.

Is there any majesty remaining of a notion without its flanking guards, those thoughts to its left and to its trusted right, those stone-tower sentries to the north and to the south? And if a single thought is cleaved in dimension by its missing relativity, then what of us, merely human– not deities such as thoughts might be– Might we exist without others? And might our thoughts themselves exist without us, transcending and surviving our sullen earthliness, left as shining swords of valor embedded in stones and awaiting a worthy suitor?

Tho to consider the subtler notion, that of going unnoticed– ‘tis only a question of motive. If wished, one might easily slide into the nothingness, stepping only within those shadows cast by others’ gleaming vanity, tho never stalking, hopping from one blurry umbrage to the next, leaving the haughty to their mumbles during their frequent moments of braggadocios distraction, hopscotching through the towns and cities until night brings its tall ruin to the day.

Such might be a poet– with no name, and such is a poem, a divine thought shared, a moment’s essence spared our haste and airs, a thing– which may survive the brevity, spurning the echo-clamor of fame.

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