most fortunate

chooses people
to win, to lose
and some
to simply not know
if they have won
or lost
and the most fortunate
among the random
the chosen
winners and losers
are gifted
by the chaos
with true indifference
I don’t enjoy
the celebrated greats
of poetry
tho I am aware
that I’m expected to
at their names’ mention
hold each as a bronzed deity
study dutifully
and swoon
at their clever inflections
scour their virulent verbosity
rustle through
the sharp-edge crumple
of their welded-metal waste bins
for lost meanings
for poetic wisdom
I could have written
in less than an hour
but wouldn’t have
tho I knew a man
who told me
quite casually
that he had
four testicles
two in each sac
so I wrote an epic poem
featuring four fist-fighting
motley, unshaven rebels
husky heroes, suppressed
by an oppressive regime
stout revolutionaries
who then led the insurgence
fathering a free nation
but I still wasn’t certain
if he’d won
or if he’d lost
and then I finally realized
the epiphany arriving
as slowly as a Ginsberg poem
he was the most fortunate

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