You say Liebster, I say Lobster.


Dancing with Fireflies and wwwpalfitness both nominated me for a Lobster Award, and because I like them both, I won’t even comment on their misspelling of ‘Lobster’, both having spelled it as ‘Liebster’. WordPress is an inclusive, supportive, and forgiving community. If it weren’t, I’d have been chased out with pointy sticks on my first day here. Thank you both for the nomination, and thank you everyone for enduring my nonsense. Please visit their blogs. They’re good peeps.

Two lobster awards in one day, tho. I’m not sure what to make of that. Perhaps I’ve written something questionable, something that left people feeling a bit red and peevish, or that made them think of boiling me in a pot. That’s entirely possible.

The last time I was awarded a lobster was by my cousin Marcus, who dropped a live one down my shorts. This, of course, was completely unprovoked. I was just minding my own business, like always. He’s in an asylum now, echoes of maniacal laughter haunting the cement-brick hallways. He’s batshit crazy, and the lobster was in therapy for many years following the harrowing experience. The lobster still twitches and shakes when approached. So does Marcus, and so do I.

The honor and distinction of this Lobster Award, as opposed to an irritated one stubbornly clamped onto one’s unmentionables, is that this award is in recognition of something. Tho I haven’t ever actually accomplished anything at all besides surviving my childhood and continuing to not self-terminate long enough to procreate, it seems that these small measures must be worthy of some recognition. Anyone who knew me as a disturbed child might agree that my odds of survival weren’t good. Let it be said that it was all for science, and that the statutes of limitation have likely expired by now anyway. As far as the procreation goes, there was nothing to it. Besides, I was probably drunk. I don’t recall.

I understand that there are some rules to this lobster business. I’m to answer some questions or something. I believe there were ten. maybe fifty. I never follow directions, so I’ll do one.

Why did you first start writing?

I have an active imagination, and that creativity needs to go somewhere so that I don’t end up in jail. As a kid, maybe seven or eight years old, I ‘wrote’ a book. Writing a book for me at that young age meant that I stole it. If that felonious description is too strong, then it’s still fair to say that I borrowed heavily. That said, I did embellish, adding color, plot twists, and developing characters, and I learned from the experience; I was writing.

I began writing poetry as a teen and continued into my early twenties. Many of my poems at the time accompanied my art, drawings and small sculptures. In my mid twenties, I wrote a homeric-length epic poem about the sadness of man and then I didn’t write again for another twenty plus years. Now, I’m back. Writing is a part if who I am, perhaps the largest part. I’ve been writing again for a couple of years, and the most rewarding part of it has been encouraging or inspiring others to share themselves. We’ve all got something to say, in a way that only we can say it.

In seriousness, the Liebster Award is intended to recognize up and coming blogs, and those which deserve to be be seen by more people. I’m not sure I agree with that last bit of it. As mentioned, everyone’s voice matters, none above another. Still, I’ll nominate a few other bloggers, in the spirit of brotherhood, sisterhood, of sharing, and of discovering.

If nominated, you may choose your own questions to answer.

Have fun with it 🙂

My Liebster Award Nominees are as follows:  (some mature content – cover your eyes, kids.)

Please visit their blogs. You’ll be glad you did 🙂



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13 thoughts on “You say Liebster, I say Lobster.”

    1. I still have it in a smudgy notebook, and it’s, well, pretty smudgy. I’ve never been able to read and reassemble its entirety. I still have some parts memorized tho, twenty years later.. And you’re welcome 🙂

      1. Okay. You’re never going to transcribe it or… anything?? You have to! It’s like one of those ancient lost texts of… you! C’mon, you’ll be surprised how amazing it feels to rediscover that part of your life and clean it up and put it out there.
        And… thank you. Really. Thank you, again.

          1. Then it sounds like it is not worth it to allow it to lay in that notebook all smudgy. Who knows, from what you say it could be your magnum opus. Besides. We need homer length epic poems. Those were awesome. I don’t think we have enough of those. 🙂

              1. Smh. The best people on earth have all lost their marbles. We don’t really lose them per se. We… just… Like that Stephen Lynch song: “What if that guy from Smashing Pumpkins lost his car keys?” We all conveniently misplace them.

    1. Well, thank you 🙂 Tho my levity might resemble irreverence, it isn’t. I’m quite honored to be nominated and am really enjoying the community and the freedom I have to write here versus other platforms. Glad to have met you, so to speak. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

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