turquoise eternity

she’s a lovely killer
as she hovers
above my silent wonder
her shadow, cast east
chases her
spread-winged splendor
as wind gusts from the west
pull at her stillness
and she drifts
tho her feathers
and the sea’s
churning infinity
many miles from
this place
the hawk’s cool shadow
passing me over
of my earthbound squalor
and she falls further
toward, and into
her turquoise

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11 thoughts on “turquoise eternity”

  1. I need readers to see my computer and read my books and Kindle. But I sure can spot a hawk whether he’s in a tree, soaring the skies, or on the hunt. We call them, “Little brothers.” 🙂

    1. There are a lot of hawks in the trees behind my house and often overhead when I step outside at work. I’d a sense this one was a “little sister”, tho I’m unsure. Seemed a better fit. She was gorgeous, tho our visit brief. Thanks as always for reading. So glad you liked this, Toni.

    1. I wish I could fly as free as well. I take too much of the beauty around me for granted. Thank you, Dorinda. I hope your weekend is beautiful 🙂

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