poetry of music

Don’t you lock up something that you wanted to see fly.

This guy gets it. Great cover of a timeless song. He made it his own.

I know this is a poetry blog, peppered with other silly nonsense that I might write, but I’ve found myself thinking lately on the impotence of poetry in comparison to some other forms of expression. Sacrilege, I’m aware. Particularly when we’ve deified the simple poem, promoting the torn-paper poets to superstars and timeless sages. Time itself will decide the truth or falsity of that. For what it’s worth, I’m no poet– the moniker has been corrupted, but I write some poems.

Music takes the simple poem and gives it life, depth, and new dimensions where only the greatest of writers can achieve anything on a similar level with just words. Even art, where the artist spends hours, or days, or weeks, maybe even years on a piece– doesn’t stay with us long enough to be loved, each piece admired briefly, and then cast onto our piles of memories, its intricacies and subtleties soon forgotten.

I might do some more recordings for those who’d like to hear the poems as I’d heard them when writing them. Yes, I often write out loud 😉 Still, it isn’t music, the emotion of a poem sterilized in ink, a voice quieted.


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8 thoughts on “poetry of music”

  1. I haven’t heard that song in forever, but he did a great job with it. What do you think has been corrupted about the moniker of poet?
    I think you’re right about music. Which is why I see so many people pair their poems with a song that fits the mood. If you mean, putting your voice to your poems, I’d love for you to do that. Have you in the past?

    1. Hi Vic. He did do great job with it.

      My thoughts on poets are admittedly out of the ordinary, but being a poet has little to do with with writing poems. I think it’s both a way of seeing the world and of changing it in some way, giving a new perspective. When I think of those labeled as poets in the modern day, I see many fame-seekers. I see formulaic poems, and then I doubt their honesty, question their motivation. I’d rather be a bare-knuckle writer. Besides, the term poet really can’t be given to oneself. Just my opinion. We all have one.

      I’ve done a few recordings recently. I think I took them all down when was pruning the blog. I did some a long time ago too. What reminded me to try it again recently was one of the first people who followed me when I came back to wordpress. He was doing an audio clip with most of his pieces. I found it better to listen than to read. I understood the poem better, including what hadn’t been said.

      1. I understand. More like the poet/thinkers of long ago who wrote very different kinds of poems? I am definitely not a poet in that sense. I’ve never thought of myself as one really, I guess. I would say I write poetry. Anyway, I enjoy you no matter what you wanna call yourself. 😛
        I’d love to hear your voice. I think it can add to the written word and help understanding too.

        1. It isn’t fair (of me) to generalize, but yes.. I think (generally) much of the poetry of today is less sincere. That said, I’m a big fan of those who remain humbly human, as you do. I’ll do some recordings so you can hear my tripe out loud. I’ll need some alone time to record, so it won’t be with every poem. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

          1. I’m so new to this whole writing world, and I don’t really know very much. I’m just enjoying what I do and what I am finding on wordpress. All it is for me is fun and a way for me to get out some emotions that would otherwise eat me up, good or bad. Generalizations are generally unfair, lol, but I can see the trend in lots of things from passionate experts to “oh hey I wanna do that too.” I think it’s good and bad.
            I will look forward to when you have time to record. 🙂
            My Saturday was better than my Friday so the weekend is looking up! 😀 I hope yours is good too! 🙂

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