Myth of Symmetry

It is this myth of symmetry, of which we are given to subscription, on which inclination places its burdensome yoke, from which we learn the impotence of equity, and in which we, ultimately, find our disheartenment. This queer belief that each side of the equation finds solution, its value, in balance, is human, computational error.

Fairness, truly understood, is conclusively unfair. Without balance, it is a fall off a slippery log, that in our deliberate falling away, another might find their footing as they cross. In our struggle for solvency, fearful we might lose ourselves to the shame of subordination, it is, in the end, a question of intent.

There is no disgrace in a decision to yield. There is no yellowed jaundice tainting our free will, our hearts need not become jade stone to find some sort of definement, and they need not demand equality. There is no stature lost in acquiescence.

Contrarily, we become larger through ceding pieces of ourselves so that others might be whole. In our intentional diminishment, in removing the bricks from our mighty walls, surrendering each to those needing affirmation of foundation, we’ve allowed light to pass through, both entering, and radiating outward. We’ve created a means of egress from our prison of pride, through which we might escape that self we’ve outgrown.

Part of an old writing challenge. The prompt was ‘symmetry’, I think. I dunno. I might not have followed the rules.

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16 thoughts on “Myth of Symmetry”

  1. Eric, if I told you every time I want to express my love for your sweet spirit, I think I’d embarrass you. This last paragraph made me smile for its message. When we give of ourselves to make another stronger, yes, we both win, we both become better.

  2. Good morning, Eric. I was reading this, and wanted to offer some critical thought. I wouldn’t bother at all, but I so enjoyed the point made in the last paragraph! I think the first paragraph or two went a bit too abstract and the tie-together wasn’t strong, maybe just too expository. Then it got so, so good. I loved jaundice and yielding, and the brick wall simile was perfect visualization. You showcased your vocabulary beautifully, and your love of the language is obvious. Obviously the conclusion was thought-provoking. I think we’re all damned proud and individualists…
    I’m glad to see your writing in my feed each day. – alex

    1. Thanks Alex. I agree, at least partly. This could have been clearer without losing the flow I’d wanted for the piece. It’s a couple years old. Maybe it needs a tune up 😉 I appreciate the honest feedback.

  3. Eric, you not following rules?!! I simply can’t imagine that… lol! 😉

    On an ironic self-obsessed side note, I was just having this conversation with myself yesterday, about balance, and how it plays out in people’s lives. And I also threw out the concept of symmetry=balance, though not for the noble reasons you espouse… 🙂

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