calling for some rain

“They’re calling for some rain.”

“We’ve had our share this month.”

“Yes. But we need it, after the summer we had.”
“We barely got any rain at all.”

and we both
looked to the sky
for its promised answers
for signs of an arrival
I’ve never wanted to
talk about the weather
never wished be so trivial
tho when we do
and when we are
we don’t have to
think upon things
such as whether
love is ever
for any
of us

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16 thoughts on “calling for some rain”

  1. And today’s theme is “the unspoken”… First I read a post about secrets, and now this.

    The truth of our hearts is often revealed during “trivial” conversations like this if we listen closely to what is NOT being said…

    Good morning, Eric. I hope you have a glorious day! 🙂

    1. Good morning, Lisa 🙂 I think that’s often true. It’s a question of context. This was really more wordplay than anything else, written hastily at 80 MPH in my head, tho the thought existed and thus.. a poem 🙂

  2. splendid.

    i do find myself turning to the weather channel when I just can’t take the politicians and political pundits pontificating. nothing like being distracted by a distraction to keep me from distractions. mostly though i just keep the television set turned off..

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