Beyond Horizon Fall

beyond horizon fall

Firstly, if that’s a word, she doesn’t want your money. All proceeds from sales of this book benefit the fight against addiction, starting with Kids Caring Foundation and Stand up to Addiction.

A friend wrote this book of her struggle, and as importantly, the struggle her daughter faced in overcoming heroin addiction. On a decidedly bright note, both are now doing well, putting the pieces back together.

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6 thoughts on “Beyond Horizon Fall”

  1. This post is a very kind public service announcement. Ever since 2010, it has been a personal mission of mine to spread the word about the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and adult health (in terms of addictions). Please also see Thank you for allowing me to add this small bit of information to the mission of the book.

  2. I shared on my Twitter. There needs to be more people like you in the world. Thanks for sharing this, Eric. As soon as I get done with the show this week and have the funds to spare I will purchase this!

    1. Thank you so much for your support and your kindness, and thank you for sharing on Twitter. The more awareness, the better 🙂 I hope your day is lovely.

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