a distant storm

I suppose you’ve wondered why I might have let you go– without trying to convince you to stay– why I didn’t give chase when the flipped coin fell on disfavor, tho still it shined, polished with pride. We’ve met before, love, tho the faces different; the demons, writhing behind the shimmer and gloss of soft eyes, and the churning colors of the sky, above us– the same, a distant storm approaching, and neither of us yet mended.

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6 thoughts on “a distant storm”

  1. Ah. I’ve not been receiving your work in WP Reader for some reason. I see you’re reborn though. Wonderful to re-encounter … 🙂

    1. Thank you, Mils. I moved to a new server and something ran amok. Nothing is showing in the reader.. yet. In some ways, perhaps a good thing to be reborn tho 😉 Glad you found me.

        1. You might have to click the blue follow thingee again. Not sure. Completely confused by it all, in fact 😉 Lol. And thank you again.

    1. It’s an old thought, but still relevant. I suppose the challenge is knowing when it’s our doubt’s perception, inventing dubious ghosts. Glad you liked this. Thank you. I hope your day was beautiful 🙂

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