in all of us
there is a thing
there is an ache–
an unspoken vacancy
in the eyes’ glossy shimmer
there is a sunny-day sparkle
that doesn’t shine
there is an absence
while visiting other worlds
or worlds passed
there is a ring-planet place
we’d all rather be
but of which no one speaks
there is a wish
we’ve all had
and still have
and have kept
there is a thing
which we’ve held–
nestled in the bosom
of our heart’s shadows
bringing it out at night
to admire, and caress–
when the lights are dim
there is a thing
we see missing
in others
and which others
see missing
in us
as we drive, and shop, and work
and pray, and fuck
there is a part of the smile
even those smiles
a bit too wide
that is never given
and we don’t say a word
about this ache
never in a lifetime
it is ours, alone

I’m quite aware that every poem I write is a rewrite of this one, in some way. In any case, I’m posting it here again as I kill off the other blog slowly.

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