That already known

in these reckless exchanges
the truth of it emerges
from its shadow-keep
that already known, but forgiven
while still unspoken–
that I am loved–
but that I am not enough
and who shall ever be
I am who I am, love
I am what I have become
carved by these years
these many hammers and chisels
and tho now forsworn
my chest still heaving
‘neath my own fallen debris

I will be that which I shall be
I will live, for a short while
I will brush against the warm skin
of a few souls– passersby
and they, against mine
be I, this fortunate
and I will, in time
have spent
aye, and on some chasmal evenings
have squandered
all that I might ever have been

17 Replies to “That already known”

    1. Thank you. A poem is only a moment– remembered, spared from obscurity’s hunger, and perhaps a lesson for ourselves on some days, but not on all


  1. You feel deeply and in my opinion it comes across in a beautiful way. By knowing myself allow me to state that I hope you never shy away from feeling. Feeling deeply can be burdensome, but I believe it also empowers and enables experiencing pure beauty and happiness. Well done friend. Keep writing.


    1. Thank you so much for reading this, and for visiting to comment. Yes, I do feel deeply, and it’s probably why I feel the need to write. I only hope to find the words for the things we all feel.


      1. Where do you suppose it’s notifying me of replies? Or will I get them all at once tomorrow? 😛
        You’re welcome, Eric. 🙂 Goodnight. Sleep well.
        oh- just got one…hmm. 😉


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