where we took our sanctuary

no one could touch us–
where we took our sanctuary
outside the door
addicts and criminals whispered
and whimpered
and shouted foul slurs
in dark halls
further, beyond the swinging glass doors
blue-collar towns
avoided their river-drownings
by a mere few feet of elevation
salvation, being mostly perspective

my hands traveled
fingers brushing over her skin
knowing just where to drift
and when to lift
to make her shiver
knowing how long to linger
knowing when to add subtle pressure
tracing the boundaries
of what would follow
still talking on the phone
she hushed me–
shooing me away
several times
tho wishing I’d not stop

late-afternoon’s sun warmed our dreams
through smeared glass
and some days we’d sit
looking out the window
each, in our own thoughts
studying new intricacies, discovered
light and shadow
spinning in slender half-pirouettes
as the sun drifted ‘crost our sky
finding beauty even in neglect
our minds aware– the moment
when they’d cross paths, in silence
the sunlight becoming brighter
a pulsing glow, a warming
entire conversations took place
inflections, and flirtations
without a word ever spoken

that was before it’d reawakened
and it’d taken me years to understand
why– and how
such a thing
could end
tho they do
and the poets
and the singers
are liars
or young fools
anger is sadness
jealousy is fear
and fear, also sadness
decades of it
a covered well
too deep to see its bottom
with yellow-heart daisies
growing in its raised bucket
I only wish
I’d known

7 Replies to “where we took our sanctuary”

    1. Lisa, thank you. I was thinking that very few read this, and I thought it a shame. I think it’s one of the more important things I’ve written. And there was no effort. It just poured out. Thank you for finding this in my rubble 🙂 I hope your day is beautiful, my friend.

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