The question had come up in early flirtation’s curious conversation, each learning about the other, fencing at times, each bringing a lifetime of relationships, and more than a bit of past pain into their words.

“Do you believe in unconditional love?” she’d asked.

My answer was not popular among the two of us at the time, though it remains unchanged.

I’d answered, “Yes.”

Even now, I wonder if there is another kind of love of which I am not aware.

4 Replies to “unconditional”

    1. I’d never heard that song, Antanya. I found the lyrics about unconditional love, tho I don’t ever feel it wasted. We’re all at different places, some not yet understood. The song is beautiful, nonetheless. Thank you 🙂

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  1. There most certainly is another kind…you will find it, if you look between the spaces. Often though, it’s best not to look at all and let if find you.


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