Ended with a “Y”

we didn’t have a lot
to talk about
still, she talked
and I listened
making a joke
now and then
when things
got too serious
she liked that–
I’d known
I wasn’t the only one
and maybe
not even the only one
that day
but I took her
my only intent–
to fuck the loneliness
out of her
to shake the dust loose
from our souls
tho I hadn’t been
man enough
for such a thing
that not even a god
might vanquish
and I hadn’t been
man enough
to stay
as she’d wanted
and I don’t remember
her name
but it ended
with a “Y”

I’m working on a book. This won’t be in it.

16 Replies to “Ended with a “Y””

      1. You know, they make pills for that. Not that I would encourage you (or any writer) to take them, of course…

        But now you know. Just in case those voices ever get out of hand, and the wrong one shows up at the wrong time. Like, if this one showed up when you were trying to be romantic, for example…

        I find that just threatening them with the pills is often enough to get them all back in line… Just sayin’…

        Lol! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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