In the time between, I’ve only words, clumsy creatures, falling over face-first, imprecise instruments, incapable of symphony. Still, I wish you might know how I feel, even if diminished by the bludgeon of words.

While neither can be fully conveyed by herald, truth and love, symbiotic, are of the same atmosphere, breathing of each other. Both taken deep into our lungs as well– they are the air we breathe, to live, they are the unspoken things, given and taken, exchanged freely between souls, in the space between a gaze.

I had missed the love I see in your eyes. I had missed your truth. I had missed your entirety.

15 Replies to “symbiotic”

  1. Love seen in the eyes of the one who’s looking at you is beautiful, overwhelming (at times), passionate.

    I just married my ex husband. He never stopped loving me and has always looked at me with love, but finally, I’m “receiving” that love, and what happens inside my heart is indescribable!

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  2. A bittersweet expression in the truest sense.

    “Still, I wish you might know how I feel, even if diminished by the bludgeon of words.” I know this feeling, and I want to throw down this notion that I am writer onto the floor and stomp on it.

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    1. Yes, it only makes us more aware of the chasm between what we’d wish to express and what can be said with words. I appreciate the thoughtful comment. I don’t always say much, but I’m becoming a fan of yours, including your photography. You’re a thinker. Glad we crossed paths.

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